Tuesday, September 14, 2010

AWWWW! Don't you worry....7 MONTHS later!!

Ok, ok....these past 7 months have been a whirlwind! My goal this week is to blog every night...so I can catch up! My baby cheek is already 7 months, he sits, he scoots, he eats, he laughs, he grunts, he throws temper tantrums (already)....eeek! Stay tuned and I will go more into detail. Here's some pictures from our amazing photographer Stephen Phung. www.phungphotography.com He's amazing.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Birth

Before I forget, I want to document the birth story. So, I go in for my last doctors appointment on January the 27th. My blood pressure was raising like a banchi, (I swear it was from all the stress from wrapping up my deals at work and the "nesting" phase with my house, etc.), BUT...doctor said I was creeping up to Toxemia. So Doc wanted me to come back in on Friday for a stress test for the baby. So I did, everything was fine. I wasn't due until Feb.2, and they wanted to induce me that Sunday January 31. So we had our last "Hoorah", we went to a movie, went to breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday & Sunday. I couldn't do much, because I was a whale out of water and could barely walk. I tried everything to go into labor that weekend, because I was so nervous about them inducing me. My worst fear, was the big "C". So we're gearing up on Sunday, packing the bags, got our ipod all ready to go with our "birth" music, and movies ready. So we head to the hospital to get checked in. I could hardly sleep that night, they gave me the softeners, since I showed no sign of dilating or giving birth anytime soon. So we tried to sleep, somewhat that night. I kept eating those ice chips with flavoring, yes they had icee flavoring for the ice chips. The next morning rolls around, and still nothing...if you know what I mean. So, they start me on the pitocin drip. Double dose. Still, nothing. So doc decides to break my water. That started the process quickly. I then demanded the epidural right then, since he was going into surgery soon and it was either then, or I wait a few hours. So I get the epidural, everything was pie in the sky from there. We were watching movies, listening to music it was great. I must admit, I never really was in pain at all that day. It was great. So doc keeps checking me, and slowly but surely I'm finally a 3! Yes, a 3! Some women are at a 3 for their whole last month! So I started getting worried about the big "C". Another hour passes by, and nothing, and nothing. Finally it's about 4pm now, and I'm finally at a 5! Doc stops talking about the big "C" now, and we're making progress. Each hour I was getting closer and closer. I requested another bag of epidural, I kept thinking I was running out. So finally I'm at a 10 by about 10pm now. So we starting the pushing phase. Things were going good, moving along as planned. I kept pushing and pushing and pushing. Nothing was coming out. ha! Doc comes back to check, and I will never forget the look on his face. He looks at me, and says, looks like we're going to have to do a C-Section. I immediately starting freaking out and became hysterical! This was not part of the plan, nor how I envisioned this. And, it was not ok. I refused and told him no, I'm going to keep pushing. They checked the baby to see if any distress was happening, and he was fine, just chillin in the canal. So the doc let me push for another hour. So I did! I was determined he would come out. And nothing again. After 3 hours of pushing, and consoling with my mom and friend who had a C, I decided that was the best option and we needed to get this baby out safely. By this time, I've had 2 bags of epidural, been on it since 9am that morning. It's now 1am on Tuesday morning Feb.2. They then pump me with higher dose of numbing stuff and morphine, so now I'm completely drugged up and going on no food, no sleep for a long time. All I remember is, them moving me around...and bright lights as they wheeled me done the hallway. I was so out of it by now, I just remember hearing baby Oliver cry for the first time and I just started crying. The weirdest thing, it didn't even seem like I gave birth. I didn't get to hold him for about an hour. They have to do more tests on babies when they're taken out. So they wheel me back to the room and bring Ollie in. It truly is indescribable the feeling you have, holding your baby for the first time. It was so surreal, and one of the happiest moments in my life. I had to stay in the hospital for 4 days after you have a C. Since we checked in that Sunday night, we were there until Saturday morning. Since I gave birth Tuesday morning at 1:50am. I didn't mind it though, our hospital was amazing and brand new and the nurses were wonderful. Except the night nurses, they are one of a kind. There's a reason they work nights I think. ha! The food was great, the bed was amazing, it raised up and down and every which way. Since I could hardly move and get up, it was nice. We were well taken care of, and there was hardly no other patients, which was weird. I couldn't imagine our life without him now. I think back to when it was just me and Ben, and I wonder what we did with all of our time...? We truly are blessed to have such a wonderful baby in our lives. He's our little cheeky monkey!

For some reason, his nose in this picture looks HUGE! It looks like a little pig nose.

He loves mean muggin' people.

This is what happens when Ben has Ollie, I go to pick him up from daycare...and there he is in a Metallica onesie, and flamer vans!

Look at those lashes! He gets them from Ben! I always make fun of how long Ben's lashes are.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fetal Fotos

Here are some of the fetal fotos we got during the pregnancy... I feel as if I need to blog everything now, before the big arrival!

These are the fotos taken at 15 weeks, when we found out he was a boy!

Here are the fetal fotos we got taken at 35 weeks! They look so clear! Look at his chubby cheeks!!

This is his junk! He's definitely a boy!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

A few of my favorite things.....

I know I haven't blogged much during this pregnancy, so here it goes in 1 post! I now have T Minus 8 days til birth. As of last Thursday, there has been no progress, whatsoever. So, most likely I will go Full Term...FULL FULL Term. My doctor refused to induce me until I'm 41 weeks. I am trying to explain to my doctor that at this point, the baby is just packing it on, literally! He's gaining about .5lb a week at this rate. That means, he'll be another 1lb., if I have to get induced. This scares me, terribly. I already have a feeling he's a biggin'. Just from our 4D pictures. (Posting soon.) Here are a few things that I couldn't live without during these 9 months.

Here's my crackers, right in the bathroom. We had 1 scare, one morning I woke up to grab my crackers...and they were gone! I started gagging uncontrollably, and Ben had to rush downstairs for the crackers. I'm not bragging or anything, sorry if you all get jealous...but I have thrown up maybe 4 times during this entire pregnancy. It's been pretty easy. I have this weird Gagging thing. If I get winded or hungry, I start gagging uncontrollably. But, I don't throw up. Just gag. First thing, when I wake up...I have to shove 2 graham crackers in my mouth before I do anything. It's weird I know, but then I don't gag. Other than that, I have not been sick, nauseas, etc. Right now is probably the worst I've ever felt, just the back pains and my hips going numb.
Here is another cork I've had. My tongue has been soo sensitive to anything and everything. I can't even eat ketchup right now. It burns my tongue! And toothpaste was the worst. So I had to switch to "sensitive" maximum strength! It's been great.
This is my nest that I sleep in every night. I HAVE to have all these pillows to fall asleep. And don't you worry, all of these came with us as we traveled through the Holidays. The top white pillow is my contour pillow for my neck. The little white wedge in the middle is my belly wedge. It's hoists your belly upright so it's not pulling. The fury guy on the left is a body pillow for the knees. Then the tuber in front goes against your back. It's a comfy nest. Then below, the purple guy is for your feet/legs. So they're propped up to deflate after the day.

ELEPHANTITIS (google it)

Exhibit A: This is what my legs and feet look like after work.

Exhibit B: This is the real deal folks!! My nylon socks, aren't even tight. Look at my little vienna sausage toes! Huge!

Exhibit C: Different angle

Exhibit D: Another Shot of the Elephantitis legs and feet

These are my stretch marks, yes stretch marks on my fingers!! (j/k) But seriously, I won't be surprised if they appear after they deflate.

This is as far as I can bend my fingers! It hurts too bad to make a fist.

Even my palm is big! Why does this happen?


You are looking at a billion dollar industry that haunts the United States of America today. I too, fell for this trick. So I started with the simple Tummy Butter - $8 (this is my 3rd can by the way). It wasn't quite working, and I couldn't figure out why. It simply states...for stretch marks! I then thought, I'll go straight to the real deal - Vitamin E. I started poking holes in the actual pills and rubbing it on the belly. Once again, did not work. So I figured, ok I need the good stuff for this to work. Forked over $65 for this Belli Elasticity Belly Oil. Oh no, I swear it's just baby oil. My friends and family, do not waste your money...if you are destined to get stretch marks, you will get them. Some are lucky and don't. That's just the way it is. Do not contribute to this Billion Dollar Industry! It's all a hoax backed by the government!

Last, but not least...the Heartburn! I've had this since day 1! This was the progression to subside the heartburn. I went from 12 Tums a day, to Maalox, once both of those weren't working...I needed the drugs. 1 Prevacid a day, keeps the flames away!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Nursery Complete!!

Ok guys, the nursery is finally complete! I just have to finish his letters to his name, and hang them. But here is the finished product! Just in time, with 10 days left to "Go Time". Oh, and don't worry...nothing is "progressing" at the moment from my doctors appointment today. Nothing at all. She says again, "I'll definitely be seeing you next week at your next appointment." I'm so ready at this point, I can barely walk, I waddle like a penguin now....for some reason it feels better. And my feet barely fit into my shoes right now, those pictures will be posted tomorrow. My pants are getting a little snug. I refuse to buy anything else maternity at this point. So I snug myself into my 1 pair of pants and my 1 pair of shoes each day...ha. I don't care at this point, people can judge all they want. My attitude at this point is "Move it or Loose it People!" I have my Mom to thank for this awesome nursery. She did all the painting, and all of my bedding. She really could make millions doing this I think