Tuesday, September 14, 2010

AWWWW! Don't you worry....7 MONTHS later!!

Ok, ok....these past 7 months have been a whirlwind! My goal this week is to blog every night...so I can catch up! My baby cheek is already 7 months, he sits, he scoots, he eats, he laughs, he grunts, he throws temper tantrums (already)....eeek! Stay tuned and I will go more into detail. Here's some pictures from our amazing photographer Stephen Phung. www.phungphotography.com He's amazing.


doug and becky said...

Yay! Welcome back to the blog Heidi! Mikey was just visiting last night and he was asking about you and I was like, I think she's great but haven't heard from her in forever! The pictures of Oliver are amazing :) I can't wait to see him recently. And OK, you have that same beastly car seat. Tucker absolutely hates it and the car!

Team Hansen said...

Those pictures are AMAZING! Blogging with babies is tricky, but you will not regret it later on when you have a record of your young family happenings. And side note, can't wait to see your new house and you guys at Christmas!